Outsourcing HR for Small Businesses Is a Strategic Imperative

This week in HR, I reflect on an amazing experience I had at a conference dedicated to Residential Assisted Living providers. The conference was in Phoenix, AZ, the people were from all over the US and Mexico. There was incredible energy and passion among attendees, who are either care-home owner-operators, managers, or in the process of building their care home.

A recurring theme in my conversations with owners was compliance, of course. All small businesses must comply with a huge range of employment laws and regulations. Residential assisted living facilities have exceptionally high demands of compliance from other sources, like the state licensing boards.

I was grateful to have been able to refine the value proposition of our services while speaking to these business owners that are crippled under the weight of compliance. They don’t have the luxury of shifting focus to strategic matters of HR, things that their businesses need to scale sustainably and competitively. Our services for small to medium employers are more than helpful, they can be game-changing. When you outsource HR support to a company like empact hr, you’re cost sharing with other clients all the experience, competencies, and exposure to a much broader gamut of HR concerns than any single HR person at any single small to medium-sized business. This is called Fractional HR – it means that for a fraction of the cost of an internal HR team, you can access, as needed sophisticated HR support.

empact’s value proposition is multi-faceted and proven by successes with dozens of subscriber-clients across multiple industries, including medical, O&G, show-biz, manufacturing, construction, PR and marketing, and others. We help clients in 4 distinct areas:

  1. HR Compliance and Risk Management
  2. HR Strategy and Alignment of policy and procedures to organizational goals
  3. People Performance
  4. Internal Process Automation

We have been so fortunate as we have grown and partnered with more and more clients. It boils down to this: a good consultant stays up at night, ideating methods to help clients, to impact organizations, to give real value for the faith and dollar these small and medium businesses invest in us. Each one of our seasoned and devoted HR advisors takes responsibility for their clients’ businesses, like their own.

Here's why our value proposition or our services are so strategically advantageous to our clients – strategy is a plan that gets you from present state to the achievement of your business; strategy is more than just a plan, though, it is a plan that achieves competitive advantage and sustainability for your business. This means you become the employer of choice – so you can attract the best talent. Achieving sustainability means your business is built on a compliant foundation, where your risk is reduced or even preempted. Alignment of your business and HR means that your vision – where you’re going as a company – is the context around which policies and procedures are built, that your practices are synchronized with other functions of your business, not inhibiting them or threatening your flow of business. HR should be your strategic advantage and we can help you achieve that through a practical, step-driven process.


Leader, HR Advisory Services

Philip began his 12-year Human Resource career in HR Project Management and Recruiting in the legal tech sector, working for startups that were listed among Forbes Fastest Growing Companies. Philip has managed human capital operations in almost all 50 states and in parts of Europe. His experience ranges from compliance to leadership coaching. After achieving his MBA from Tulane University in 2019, Philip transitioned from in-house Director to consulting, where he focuses on helping leaders understand, document, and improve productivity and visibility through Performance Management, Mission Vision and Values integration, and Professional Development. Compliance remains a cornerstone of his strategic assistance to companies that want to scale carefully and smartly.

Philip believes that every employer can methodically create an attractive and inspiring Employer Brand and Human Capital strategy. “Every challenge can become the building block of a breakthrough opportunity through a dynamic HR strategy.